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Cultivate (verb)

  • To prepare for growth
  • To acquire or develop a quality or skill

Cultivate’s Mission is to Plant Churches

Our mission is to help you plant gospel-centered churches as part of the expanding Calvary Global Network (CGN) family.
We empower and support local churches to assess, train, and support new church planters and gospel-centered communities. We believe that the local church is the garden in which the church planters of tomorrow are cultivated.

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About The Program

Cultivate Has the Structure to Support You in this Process


Trellis (noun)

  • A structure to support plants.


Every church planter is unique, and our assessment helps to identify and leverage your strengths, and recognize targeted areas for growth. You’ll receive personalized mentoring from an experienced pastor in the context of a local church, and coaching from specialists who are called to support church planters. 


You will be nurtured and cared for as you are mentored to pastor others. We will make sure that you receive robust theological training, learn to be a more effective Bible teacher; and we will ensure you are equipped to care for God’s people.


Built upon a rich history of the Calvary Chapel movement, you’ll receive practical training to prepare you to lead a gospel-centered community in your current context or in proximity to the area where God is calling you to plant.

Cultivate Will Help Confirm Your Calling Through Assessment 

You complete
our brief prospective planter questionnaire, provide references, and later complete the Lifeway Church Planter Candidate Assessment. This will help us to have a holistic picture of relative strengths to maximize, and areas of development to address during training. Also, a later detailed assessment will ensure your theological, philosophical, and practical preparation. 

Cultivate Has a Comprehensive Training and Support Program

duration is 6-24 months depending on your prior experience and training. We help cultivate the character, skills, and knowledge necessary to fulfill your calling  to lead, teach, and serve through personal mentoring and online resources, including those from our collaboration with Western Seminary’s Center for Leadership Development. You’ll learn who should plant, why we need healthy gospel-centered communities, and how to plant. You’ll be taught the practical lessons you’ll need to be an effective church planter. You’ll learn core values that have been part of Calvary Chapel’s DNA, with direct interaction with seasoned practitioners and leaders, including Brian Brodersen, Rod Thompson, Wayne Taylor, and others.


Regional in-person and online gatherings encourage, equip, and engage church planters. Together we forge healthy relationships that promote healthy planters and churches, and foster a culture of church planting. 


Post-Launch Support: You will continue to receive support as you begin to plant. During the first year you’ll receive at least one post-launch support meeting every 1-2 months, and an in-person visit. In the second year you’ll receive at least one support meeting every quarter, and an in-person visit.

Cultivate Can Help with Funding and Resources


We determine funding on a case by case basis. Every situation is unique and will be assessed by our team. Nevertheless our commitment is to help support you so that you can support others. 

CGN will invest time, talent, and treasure resources to help support committed planters advance the gospel. We seek to invest resources with planters who are committed to supporting future CGN church planters by committing one percent (1%) of their church budget to the CGN mission. We prioritize funding where there is great need for new gospel-centered, Bible-teaching churches.


In order to encourage commitment and financially support church planters, we intend to make this training available for free to all who complete it. To do this, we ask for a $1500 down payment, which will be fully refunded to the planter upon completion of the program. Waivers of the cost can be applied for in connection with financial hardship. In the case that the prospective church planter does not complete the program without cause, their down payment will be used to help fund other church plants.


Additionally, every church planter who completes the training and is approved by our team to launch, will generally automatically receive a $5000 church planting grant, to help fund their new church. Additional funds may also be applied for.

Get Involved

01. I’d like to plant.

Take the assessment to help ensure that you are equipped with a robust understanding of theology, philosophy of ministry, Bible teaching, practical pastoral ministry training, and your gifts.

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02. I’d like to be a mentor.

Being a mentor to a church planter is as rewarding as it is enriching. Cultivate mentors participate in the great commission by coming alongside prospective church planters to help them fulfill their calling.

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03. I’d like to get involved with coaching.

Coaches provide the highest level of expertise to work with many different candidates, mentors, and churches implementing the overall vision and strategy of Cultivate.

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Meet The Leadership Team

Nick Cady

Nick Cady is the lead pastor of White Fields Community Church in Longmont, Colorado. He holds an M.A. in Integrative Theology from London School of Theology. Prior to moving to Colorado, Nick spent 10 years in Hungary as a missionary, pastor and church planter with Calvary Chapel.
Nick has a heart for the mission of God through the Church, and prior to leading the Cultivate team, was involved in equipping and training church planters in the US and Europe.

Ed Compean

Ed is the lead pastor at Shoreline Calvary in Morro Bay, California. Previously he served as a church planter and trainer of church planters in Nairobi, Kenya and in the process helped establish several churches in Kenya and Tanzania. Returning from the field, Ed served with Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators helping churches send their missionaries well. His passion is to see the fame of Jesus speed in His local church.

Brian Kelly

For the past twenty years Brian has been involved in church planting and mission work in East Africa, New Zealand, and the United States. Brian has a passion for planting churches and has hands-on experience seeing churches grow from the ground up. Brian has been involved in five church plants, and has been a sending pastor for dozens more. He is a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College, and the founder of the CCBC campus in East Africa. Currently, Brian is planting a new church in Florida, where he lives with his beautiful wife Lynne and their three children.

Bruce Zachary

Raised in a Jewish home, Bruce came to faith in Christ as Messiah over 30 years ago. He and Karen, his lovely bride have been married since 1991, and are blessed by their sons Joshua and Jonathan. Bruce taught at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s School of the Bible, and is a graduate of CCCM’s School of Ministry. He has been an ordained pastor for near 30 years, and was an attorney for 25 years. In 1996 he planted Calvary Nexus in Camarillo, Ca. where he continues to serve as teaching pastor. Bruce is the author of 17 books, and has directed the Calvary Church Planting Network [CCPN] a global church planting initiative.


Cultivate + CGN have created resources to help equip you to prepare to plant, pastor, launch + lead better. In addition, you’ll find resources available from others whom we respect and


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What They’re Saying

"The assessment process helped me identify my gifts, my strengths, and my weaknesses, which has been really fruitful. The biggest benefit I've received from Cultivate has been the mentorship process with my mentor, Jeff. It has provided me with accountability, community, and discipleship."

Kyle CurryLead Pastor - The Table

“I really appreciate the Cultivate program helping to equip me for the Lord’s calling on my life. It has allowed me to learn and study at my own pace while balancing the rest of my responsibilities.”

Joe KittoCultivate Student and Church Planter