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Coaches are the key in making our church planting program work. They provide the highest level of expertise to work with many different candidates, mentors, and churches implementing the overall vision and strategy of Cultivate. As a coach, you have big vision, big gifts, and will be given big opportunities to help leaders fulfill their church planting calling.


A Cultivate coach oversees many mentors and church planters in the Cultivate program. Coaches provide materials and resources to the mentors, as well as connect with the potential church planters from time to time. A coach works directly with mentors in multiple church plants.


Being a coach means that you have expertise and talents to offer others. You will be blessed to see the big picture of what is happening at Cultivate, and be hands-on with many church plants in different areas of the world. Your influence for Christ will be felt far and wide as you provide the needed support for church planters, mentors, and host churches.


Because the coach does not spend most of their time directly with each potential church planter, they are able to do more ministry in a manageable amount of time. Coaches focus their efforts working with mentors and host churches. They make sure the mentors have the resources they need, and monitor the progress of the church planters in training. They will typically spend 2-3 hours total per week on these responsibilities. Coaches distribute resources and monitor mentoring. They ensure that each mentor understands and has access to both the required and recommended resources. 


We believe that God is going to use the Cultivate program to plant many new churches in the years to come. Because of this, we need effective coaches to help resource and manage the multiple mentors and host churches. Coaches can make a big difference in the broader scope of the Cultivate church planting program.



A Cultivate coach works with multiple church planting mentors providing resources and expertise. They manage the big picture of the Cultivate, and implement the vision of the program among participating mentors, churches and planters. Coaches are essential for the large-scale growth of Cultivate.